February 8, 2000

Converting Julian Dates to Gregorian Dates

Question: How do I change a Julian date to a Gregorian date and remain Y2K compliant? Answer: I am not sure how the year is stored in the Julian date, so I will suppose that it is at the beginning of the Julian string for the sake of this solution.

Hardware Configuration for New Server

Question: We need to migrate to a new server and are looking for some hardware guidelines for the new server. The server will need to support up to 250 users and replicate to 4 sites around the world. Can you give me some guidelines for the number of processors, amount

Pass PARAM to OCX From ASP

Question: How do I pass a login ID from my ASP page to my OCX? I created a public property in the OCX, but it is not getting the data when I do: What should the code look like in Visual Basic? Answer: Remember that you can use ASP to

Query Returning Case-Insensitive Matches

Question: Using ASP and ODBC, I can query Microsoft Access databases using the “Like” operator with the wildcard %, such as: Select * from customers where lastname Like ‘%jon%’ The query returns case-insensitive matches (Jones, jones, etc.) When using the “Like” operator with a Visual FoxPro query, however, the query

Visual FoxPro 6 and Microsoft Word Tables

Question: How can I make a table in a Microsoft Word document through OLE Automation from VFP? I investigated with the Visual Basic editor and I can’t find how to do it. Could you give me more information? Answer: You add a table to a Word document by calling the

Public Folder Synchronization

Question: This is a fairly simple problem but I am relatively new to Exchange and Outlook. I am trying to get my folders that are on Exchange to synchronize with the folders that are offline. Specifically, I create a folder under the Public Folders tab online. I then drag and

Mailto Link Not Connected to Outlook

Question: I’m having a problem. I have Outlook installed, and I also have Lotus Notes. We’re using Exchange as the mail program, and the clients are Outlook. For some people is it working correctly, but for others the Mailto link is connected to Notes. I’ve changed it manually, but Notes

Send Parameters From HTML to a Form

Question: I want a link to refer to an order form, but I don’t need to use a database. I just want to pass a few details (like city name, country, and so on). Is this possible? Answer: Sure it’s possible. You can use the HTML tag to define the

Preventing Sending Output to Screen

Question: I am trying to send a text file that I have made from my report to the printer.The code is: REPORT FORM neto ASCII TO FILE pom.txtset headings offTYPE auto pom.txt TO PRINTER This sends the file POM.TXT to the printer but also displays the file on the currently

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