February 8, 2000

Hardware Configuration for New Server

Question: We need to migrate to a new server and are looking for some hardware guidelines for the new server. The server will need to support up to 250 users

Pass PARAM to OCX From ASP

Question: How do I pass a login ID from my ASP page to my OCX? I created a public property in the OCX, but it is not getting the data

Query Returning Case-Insensitive Matches

Question: Using ASP and ODBC, I can query Microsoft Access databases using the “Like” operator with the wildcard %, such as: Select * from customers where lastname Like ‘%jon%’ The

Visual FoxPro 6 and Microsoft Word Tables

Question: How can I make a table in a Microsoft Word document through OLE Automation from VFP? I investigated with the Visual Basic editor and I can’t find how to

Public Folder Synchronization

Question: This is a fairly simple problem but I am relatively new to Exchange and Outlook. I am trying to get my folders that are on Exchange to synchronize with

Mailto Link Not Connected to Outlook

Question: I’m having a problem. I have Outlook installed, and I also have Lotus Notes. We’re using Exchange as the mail program, and the clients are Outlook. For some people

Send Parameters From HTML to a Form

Question: I want a link to refer to an order form, but I don’t need to use a database. I just want to pass a few details (like city name,

Preventing Sending Output to Screen

Question: I am trying to send a text file that I have made from my report to the printer.The code is: REPORT FORM neto ASCII TO FILE pom.txtset headings offTYPE