Will VBScript Ever Be Platform Independent?


Will the VBScript in the coming version Visual Basic 7 be platform independent?


Unless Microsoft decides to radically change things, Visual Basic 7.0 will not use Visual Basic Script (VBScript); it will use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is the same language that is used in products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. It is not the same language that is used as a scripting language in Internet Explorer. That language is VBScript, which is more restrictive than VBA.

If by “platform independent” you mean, “can I write VBScript in a Web page and have it run in all browsers” then the answer is “No.” AOL/Netscape have chosen not to include the VBScript engine in Navigator. If your goal is to create script that can run in both browsers, your best bet is to invest in a good JavaScript book. Both browsers support that language. A useful JavaScript book that I use is JavaScript : The Definitive Guide; O’Reilly & Associates; ISBN: 1565923928.

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