EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments

EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments

I have two questions:

1. How do I make an EXE file without a interface (no form)?

2. How do I make that EXE file take arguments and how do I use them in the program?

You can create an EXE without a form by doing the following:

Add a standard module to the project.
Add a procedure called Main.
Open the Project Properties dialog by choosing Project Properties from the project Menu.
On the General tab choose ‘Sub Main’ as the Startup Object.

When the program is run from the command line with arguments you can access the arguments with the Command function. The Command function returns all the command line arguments as one long string. To debug using command line arguments enter the arguments in the ‘Command Line Arguments’ field on the Make tab of the Project Properties dialog.


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