Outlook Web Access for Outside Users

Our company is using Exchange 5.5 as its e-mail server and Outlook as the base e-mail client. What considerations do we, as a company, need to be aware of in order to allow our consultants (all of them are remote employees) to have Internet e-mail accounts through our company using OWA and a browser?

Are there special domain issues we need to address? What about global address lists and other shared items?

Our home-office employees have a [email protected] e-mail address and we’d like our consultants to have the same thing.

There shouldn’t be any special considerations; just give them mailboxes and set up Outlook Web Access for them to get in (if it isn’t already set up). If you don’t want them to appear on your global address list, simply go into the Advanced tab of the Mailbox properties and check the box to “Hide from address book.”

You can assign those mailboxes any SMTP addresses you like (within your domain, of course).

You might also want to create a distribution list of these consultants (which you can also hide, if you want to). That has the dual effect of giving you an easy way to send them all messages in one shot and making it easy for you to grant (or restrict) access to public folders, and the like, to the entire group.

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