Form Spinner Control

Form Spinner Control

When I create a spinner control and limit the upper and lower limits to specific integers, how do I wrap around the spinner to a specific integer range?

For example, if I limit the spinner to values 0 to 24, when the up arrow of the spinner is clicked and held down, how do I make it spin from 24 to 0 and vice versa?

You could put the following code into the UpClick event method of the spinner to cycle to 0 when 24 is reached:

IF this.Value >24    this.Value=0ENDIF

The problem with this is that this code will not fire until you let go of the up button: you will see values higher than 24 until you let go of the button; then the value will be set to 0.

What you need to do is put the code into the InteractiveChange event of the spinner. Here is the code to put in the InteractiveChange event that will trap for both 0 and 24 and cycle appropriately:

IF this.Value >24    this.Value=0   RETURNENDIFIF this.Value 


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