Creating a For/Next Loop

Creating a For/Next Loop

I tried using the replace function as shown below, but I receive an error on using “Next i”.

Function formatOutput( theText )Dim iDim sNewStringFor i = 1 to Len(theText)     If Mid(theText, i, 1)  "’" Then     sNewString = sNewString &  Mid(theText, i, 1)  End IfNext iEnd Function

The error reads: “Expected end of statement”.If I take the i out, I receive a blank output which I’m assuming is because I’ve stopped the loop. What am I doing wrong?
As soon as I can get this working I’d like to try assigning two single quotes as the value of an extra variable to replace all single quotes with two.

The Replace function isn’t the issue…Next i is. VBScript does not list the variable following the Next keyword.
Simply remove the i so that the line is just Next, and you’re all set. I typically leave the variable following the Next keyword in a comment, like so:

Next  ’ i

Otherwise, I get confused.


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