April 12, 2000

Creating a For/Next Loop

Question: I tried using the replace function as shown below, but I receive an error on using “Next i”. Function formatOutput( theText )Dim iDim sNewStringFor i = 1 to Len(theText)

Calling a Nested Procedure in ASP

Question: Can we call a nested procedure in ASP? Answer: Nope. This isn’t supported in any Visual Basic-variant language. Having done nested procedures before (Pascal, I think), I never saw

Remote NT Web Administration

Question: I want to provide the facility to add/delete/modify Windows NT users from a remote browser. However, I don’t know how to do it. Can you kindly help? Answer: This

Image Pop-Ups

Question: I want to have an image pop up, like a tool tip, when I hover over specific text. Is there any way to do this with DHTML or Javascript?