April 12, 2000

A Quick Way to Read Database Contents in ASP

If you develop a complex Web application, you may find it a daunting task to keep track of the vast quantities of data on multiple domains in databases that quickly change every day. To provide a quick, easy way to view a table’s contents during development, try this script on

Call More Than One Function With a Single Event Handler

It is possible to call two different functions when only a single event has occurred; for example, when the user has clicked on a particular button, or when your page initially loads. To do that, make sure to place a semicolon between the two function calls. At load time, for

Jump to a URL From a Select Box Without Clicking a Submit Button

The code below gets the SELECT OPTION that the user has selected (from the SELECT element’s selectedIndex property) and uses that value to determine the correct branch in a case statement. Depending on the OPTION selected, the user is automatically taken to the URL for that OPTION. Jump to… url1

Defining Hot Spots on an Image to Create a Client-side Image Map

Microsoft FrontPage makes it easy to define hot spots on a JPG or GIF image. In just a few steps, you can put a graphic to work on your page by converting it into an Image Map – graphic that contains multiple hyperlinks to other pages. Begin by importing your

How to Debug Program on Remote Server Using VI

Question: I can use VI to create a new project on the remote server, but when I want to debug the program, it raise an error: “unable to find server “. What’s going on? Answer: This is probably due to the fact that server-side debugging has to be enabled at

Image Pop-Ups

Question: I want to have an image pop up, like a tool tip, when I hover over specific text. Is there any way to do this with DHTML or Javascript? Answer: Put that image in a DIV, and set the DIV to be hidden. When you hover over the text,

Remote NT Web Administration

Question: I want to provide the facility to add/delete/modify Windows NT users from a remote browser. However, I don’t know how to do it. Can you kindly help? Answer: This facility is already provided by Internet Information Server 4.0. It is typically restricted to users on the local machine; however,

Apostrophe causes syntax error in SQL query

Question: I have a problem with the add and update query in SQL. I am trying to update the database with a string which contains one or more apostrophes. SQL reads it like a syntax in query and gives an error message. What I can do? Are there other text

Creating a For/Next Loop

Question: I tried using the replace function as shown below, but I receive an error on using “Next i”. Function formatOutput( theText )Dim iDim sNewStringFor i = 1 to Len(theText) If Mid(theText, i, 1) “’” Then sNewString = sNewString & Mid(theText, i, 1) End IfNext iEnd Function The error reads:

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