Page Flashing and Reloads

Page Flashing and Reloads

I know some of you have had this problem: a page (or especially a frameset) loads, then it quickly flashes off and reloads itself, but then ignores the scripts on the page. It only happens in Netscape, on both Macs and Windoze machines, but the same page won’t always do it on different machines.

At first, I thought it was a memory or processor speed issue, but one page that does it on my G3 w/ 256MB RAM doesn’t do it on my boss’s 120mhz laptop w/32MB RAM.

So, what causes this flashing of the page? Can anything be done to stop it? Is there a way for the script to get recognized regardless of this occurrence?

I haven’t seen the page to which you are referring, but it may be happening due to a META tag that the page author inserted in the page.

The following tag could be inserted at the top of a web page, forcing it to refresh itself after a predetermined number of seconds. In this case it would refresh after 2 seconds.

If “CONTENT” were set to 0, the page would refresh itself immediately, which may be what you are experiencing.

Of course, the web page author could have achieved this same effect programmatically using VBScript or JavaScript.

If you can view the source of the page, look for the META tag that is listed above. That is the simplest way to make a page refresh.

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