April 13, 2000

Returning Recordsets From COM Components

Question: I have heard from some that it is a bad idea to return recordsets from COM components and that you should populate a variant array and send that back

Page Flashing and Reloads

Question: I know some of you have had this problem: a page (or especially a frameset) loads, then it quickly flashes off and reloads itself, but then ignores the scripts

SQL query results error

Question: To show my SQL query results in paged fashion, I used your article as reference. This error message appeared: ADODB.Recordset error ‘800a0cb3’ The operation requested by the application is

MTS running components on Web server

Question: We have ASP pages on a Web server with VB6 components that produce the majority of the HTML. These components run on the same machine as the the Web

Why Obtain Recordset From Middle-Tier?

Question: I read the article ‘Obtaining Recordset From Middle-Tier COM Component’ and now am wondering why one would want to do this. As I understand it, this is only a