Why Obtain Recordset From Middle-Tier?

Why Obtain Recordset From Middle-Tier?

I read the article ‘Obtaining Recordset From Middle-Tier COM Component’ and now am wondering why one would want to do this. As I understand it, this is only a difficult way of getting the same result as one would get if they used the ado.recordset directly in the ASP-page. The perfomance gain of this would be zero; or am I wrong?

Typically, the middle tier handles your business rules and any interfaces to the database. In a system I built recently, I have a middle tier object that is managed by MTS and keeps a database connection open that can be shared by any object that needs it. The “business” object, which runs a bunch of queries to get the result data back, returns a disconnected recordset to the ASP page. The ASP page never has to mess with the overhead of a database connection in the page. This makes performance much better, since opening the database is computationally expensive.


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