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I need runtime code to find all files with *.mdb file type(Access databases) just like the Find subMenu item does in the Start Menu on the desktop. I want to dump all the files found into a list box so that I can then open a selected database and work with its columns(fields).

I am not well-versed in API calls so I’m afraid of that avenue. Someone mentioned the FileSystemObject as well as the Dir Dos command, but after tinkering with those I still haven’t gotten the results I desire.

The way to go in my opinion, is to use the FileSystemObject, it is easy to use from within VB and very flexible. Basically, you should use the FileSystemObject’s GetFolder property to return a specific folder. You can then loop through all the files in the folder by iterating through the Files collection and checking the file name for a specific extension using the InStr function.

You can also traverse all the folders within a folder by iterating through the Folder’s SubFolders property. You will have to do some recursive programming but otherwise it is very straightforward. As you iterate through the files in a folder, fill up a list box with the path and name of the file, when the user clicks on an item in the list, pass the value of the item to the method you are using to open the database.

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