Connecting Informix Databases

Connecting Informix Databases

How can I use SQL to access an Informix database that’s on a remote site and connected via a VPN while connected to an Informix database locally?

Both are HP9000 systems running HP10.20 and Informix OWS 7.

You need to be able to ping one machine from the other. If you can, use the Informix Connect software to connect them. On UNIX, you need to modify the sqlhosts file of each machine to have the other machine’s connection information. You may already have this set up. When your run dbaccess and do a query, does it show the databases on both machines? If so, you’re already connected.

Otherwise, read up on the format for the sqlhosts files. Compare the two machines’ files, and make sure that they have each other’s connection info. You may also try the “connect” menu item on dbaccess to see if you can connect them.


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