Percent Sign in SQL

Percent Sign in SQL

I have a table in which the key field has a value stored with a percent sign, like ‘1234%’.Using this value, I want to select from another table that can have values like ‘1234567’, ‘1234678’ and ‘1234098’. How do I go about it?

The percent sign (%) is a wildcard in SQL Server. It can be used at the beginning or end of a string. So the following syntax will return all of the records you mentioned:

SELECT * FROM TestTable WHERE Col LIKE '1234%'Col-------123456712346781234098

If you want to do an exact match for ‘1234’ without the percent sign, then you’ll have to trim off the last character, like this:

SELECT * FROM TestTable WHERE Col LIKE LEFT('1234%', (LEN('1234%')-1))


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