Searching a Database for a Keyword

Searching a Database for a Keyword


When setting up a recordset, is it possible to get a record when the field contains more than the word that I’m looking for and where the words are in no particular order?

For example:

StrName = 'Direct'	RSShops = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")	strSql = "SELECT * FROM Shops WHERE Name =         '" & StrName & "'

Can I get the recordset to contain any shop/company with ‘direct’ in it’s name?


Instead of using the Equal to (=) operator, use the LIKE operator in your SQL Statement.

To hunt for Shops with names that have the word ‘direct’ in them, your SQL statement would look like this:

SELECT * FROM Shops WHERE Name LIKE '%direct%'

You can thus modify your code accordingly.


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