No Soctcp Option

No Soctcp Option

I’m installing IDS 7.3.x on Sol 2.6 with Connect 2.01, and when I attempt to initialize through onmonitor, I do not get an option for soctcp. I’ve even tried updating with SDK Client 2.4, still no soctcp option. Can you help?

I haven’t installed on a Sun, but other installs refer to this as either onsoctcp or olsoctcp. If you don’t see them, I’d redo the install from scratch. I’ve seen many systems that don’t support all types of connectivity, but as far as I know, all Informix systems support TCP.

Try any “TCP” options your screen gives you, and check your release notes in $INFORMIXDIR/release to see which protocols Informix supports on Sol 2.6.


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