Sending Messages via Internet Account

Sending Messages via Internet Account

I have Outlook 2000 set up to talk to an Exchange Server, and have added my POP3 email account to Outlook’s profile. How can I compose a new message and force it to go out via the Internet POP account instead of the Exchange account?

Forcing it to use the Internet account is a bit of a trick. One thing you can try is going to the Tools | Services | Delivery tab and changing the order of Information services. Put the Internet POP account at the top of the list.

From there, any SMTP (Internet) messages you try to send should go out through the POP account…at least until you change it back to have Exchange at the top. That’s not guaranteed to work, I should note, but it seems to work for most people.

If you can’t get it to work reliably, then my next suggestion would be to create a new Outlook profile on your machine, containing only the Internet POP account (not Exchange Server) and start Outlook with that profile anytime you really need to send a message through the POP account.


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