Autoforward Problem

Autoforward Problem

I have given the autoforward rule from Inbox Assistance to an internal ID (Say X) as well as two outside ID’s (Hotmail & But the forwarding is not happening to external ID’s; it is getting forwarded to the internal ID (an ID within our server).

When I open the mail received by autoforward rule in mailbox X, I see the other two ID’s listed in the TO field, but I never receive the mail to the or Hotmail ID’s or whichever external ID it Autoforwards to.

How do I solve this problem?

You’re experiencing a common problem. I’d bet your Exchange Server settings don’t allow autoforwards to the Internet.

Go into the Exchange Administrator program, find the Internet Mail Service connector, click Properties, go to the Internet E-mail tab, click the Advanced Options button, and uncheck the “Disallow Automatic Forwards to the Internet” box.


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