New Users Can Send But Can’t Receive E-mail

I have a problem with my Exchange Server. All my existing Outlook users can send and receive e-mail; no problem at all!

But if I create any new users, the new users can send but cannot receivenew e-mail. (E-mails sent by the new users will be received by the recipients just fine.)

I know Exchange is working fine because all existing users are fine. If I convert an existing user account to the new users, it works just fine!

What’s going on?

This is an interesting problem. It would be helpful to know if the users can’t receive any mail, or if they only can’t receive Internet e-mail.

Also, do the messages sent to those users bounce back to the sender?

First things to check: In Outlook make sure you don’t have any filters set on those new users blocking out mail they’re actually receiving.

Next, check the Rules Wizard and make sure nothing goofy is happening there.

Next, go to the Exchange Administrator and make sure that their mailboxes have valid Internet e-mail addresses and that you haven’t deleted the x.400 address or anything.

Also make sure that you haven’t somehow restricted their mailboxes on the server side.

Those are the first things that come to mind. More information is really required for a more precise diagnosis.

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