September 22, 2000

Advanced Find – Words Within a Document

Question: I’m trying to use the Advanced Find feature of Outlook to locate attachments that contain a specific word (analogous to the Containing Text feature of Windows’ Find feature). I

Why Choose Exchange 5.5?

Question: Why should I choose to implement Exchange 5.5 when Microsoft Office works for my company? Answer: Well…Microsoft Exchange Server is a very different product from Microsoft Office. Office is

Cannot Quit FoxPro

Question: I have built an executable file and included a READ EVENTS command. After running the .exe, I am unable to quit VFP. The message I get reads: “Cannot quit

Time Data

Question: I am using Windows 2000 and ADO 2.5 with VB6.0 and I am retrieving a datetime field from an Informix database 7.3. The field contains time only. When the

Informix Row Locking Problem

Question: I created a simple SQL statement to update one row of a table in a transaction. I then updated a different row in the same table while this transaction