September 22, 2000

Advanced Find – Words Within a Document

Question: I’m trying to use the Advanced Find feature of Outlook to locate attachments that contain a specific word (analogous to the Containing Text feature of Windows’ Find feature). I select Files (Outlook/Exchange) in the Look For field, but the option to look in “any document text field” apparently does

New Users Can Send But Can’t Receive E-mail

Question: I have a problem with my Exchange Server. All my existing Outlook users can send and receive e-mail; no problem at all! But if I create any new users, the new users can send but cannot receivenew e-mail. (E-mails sent by the new users will be received by the

Editing the Global Address Book from Client

Question: Is there any way to edit the global address book in Exchange from a 98 client machine? Answer: The easiest way isn’t the way you’re expecting. I’d use a remote-control solution like PCAnywhere—or better yet, VNC—to do it. Basically, you just install the host software on your Exchange Server—be

Sharing Contact Folders

Question: How do I set up the administrator contact subfolders as an address book on a different mailbox in order to allow other users to add information? Answer: Assuming you have an Exchange server you simply need to give the other users appropriate permissions (I like Reviewing Editor role for

Printing a Report to a RTF or HTML File

Question: Can you create a HTML or RTF file in Visual FoxPro? If so, how? Answer: VFP comes with a program (called GENHTML.PRG) that can generate HTML from many different sources: tables, reports, menus, forms, etc. VFP keeps the name and path of this program in a system memory variable

Organizational Chart Linked to Outlook Contacts

Question: I’d like to draw an organizational chart of each of our customers (and store that diagram in an Exchange public folder), linking each different role to a specific Outlook contact (which also resides in an Exchange public folder). I’d also like to view that diagram in a hierarchical tree

Why Choose Exchange 5.5?

Question: Why should I choose to implement Exchange 5.5 when Microsoft Office works for my company? Answer: Well…Microsoft Exchange Server is a very different product from Microsoft Office. Office is an applications suite, some of which can be used as a front-end to Exchange server—Outlook most notably. Exchange Server is

Importing Novell GroupWise Mailboxes into Outlook

Question: I am trying to find out how to import Novell GroupWise Mailboxes and address books into Outlook 2000. No one seems to know. Can you help or suggest where I can get help? Answer: Without more information it’s hard to get specific, but probably your best bet is to

Cannot Quit FoxPro

Question: I have built an executable file and included a READ EVENTS command. After running the .exe, I am unable to quit VFP. The message I get reads: “Cannot quit FoxPro.” Answer: VFP cannot quit when a READ EVENTS command is active. Therefore you must perform a CLEAR EVENTS before

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