Disabling Items in a Listbox

Disabling Items in a Listbox

I have a listbox with two properties called DisabledItemBackcolor and Forecolor. How can I disable single items in the listbox?

List.Enabled(ItemID)=.F. disables all items (like the Enabled-Property itself). You can see the DisabledItem-Colors in effect if you set RowSourceType to 7 (Files). Then the second item shows the actual path and the third item is a separator. Both are disabled, using the Colorproperties, so there must be a solution.

The way to disable an item in a listbox is to prepend a “” before the text of the item.

Drop a listbox on a form, put the following code into the init method of the listbox, and run the form:


In the example above, the second item in the list (Banana) will appear disabled.

Now add the following line to the end of the init method:

this.List(3) = ""+this.List(3)

When you run the form, the third Item (Cherry) will be disabled.


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