Creating a New ID

Creating a New ID

I am new to VFP. I want to create a unique number for a customer ID field in a table. The VFP sample program “tastrade” simply uses NEWID() as the default value for the given field.

When I try the same in a new database I get the error message, “NEWID.PRG does not exist.” This is simple to do in Microsoft Access, but I have spent a couple of hours on it already with VFP.

How do I create a unique number when entering new data into a row of a table?

Thank you for your help.

NewId works in the tastrade application because it is a stored procedure in the database. For stored procedures to be available, the database that the table is in must be open and be the current database.

To get the code for the NewId procedure, use the MODIFY DATABASE command to open the database used by tastrade. Then open up the stored procedures. You can paste the NewId procedure into the stored procedures of the new database you are creating.


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