Loading a New Window from a Frame.

Loading a New Window from a Frame.

I have a frameset that consists of two frames. The top frame is a horizontal frame that displays a bulletin message in a banner if there is some sort of system problem, like the e-mail server going down. It is 10% of the page. The second one is 90% of the page, also horizontal and is the main page. I can select from a select box the different pages on our site I wish to view. My problem is that the banner frame is always visible. I has hoping to only have it visible on the main page. I did this with HTML and links using the command with a TARGET = “_top” and this worked just fine. I don’t know enough about JAVA yet to know if this can be done with JAVA.

I am using this script to load my pages for viewing:

function surfto(form) {          var myindex=form.select1.selectedIndex          if (form.select1.options[myindex].value != "0") {           location=form.select1.options[myindex].value ;}  }

If you change this line of code




it should do just what you want. The “top” object is the entire document window.


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