October 24, 2000

Informix 4GL Translators

Question: I want to purchase some software that will translate Informix 4GL to any of the following: Java, C, C++, or Perl. We have two applications that we need to

The const pass-by-value

Question: void foo(const int x) { // not altering x} Herb Sutter in Exceptional C++, pg.177 says, “const pass-by-value is unuseful and misleading at best.” I disagree, at a glance

Can 16-Bit Software Run in Windows 2000?

Question: Can 16-bit software run in Windows 2000 platform? Answer: The answer is yes and no. Many 16-bit software programs run just fine in W2K, as they did in NT

JavaScript Not Working with IE 5.5

Question: Why will this code not work with IE 5.5? Answer: It’s not a question in this case of JavaScript not working with IE 5.5, but of Java not working

Deprecated APIs

Question: How do I make a method deprecated? Answer: Deprecating a method or entire class is as simple as using the “@deprecated javadoc” tag in its documentation. For example: /**

Loading a New Window from a Frame.

Question: I have a frameset that consists of two frames. The top frame is a horizontal frame that displays a bulletin message in a banner if there is some sort

Passing Value to an Online Form

Question: Is it possible to use JavaScript to create a custom page and pass all the values in the page to an online form such that I do not have

Significance of const Return

Question: What is the significance of const return type from a function?Similar to: const int func1(); Answer: The const in this position guarantees that the caller of the function doesn’t