October 24, 2000

Java Profiler

Question: Is there a profiler like JProbe which supports the Microsoft Virtual Machine? I already tried the -prof switch on the command line, but that doesn’t do everything I need.

Reverse DNS

Question: If I can use the “InetAddress” class to acquire the IP address of a computer, is there a way to get the computer’s name from an IP address? Answer:

Using errno in DLLs

C++ inherited from C the global variable errno which indicates the success status of a previous operations. An errno value of 0 indicates that the previous operation was successful whereas

The vector::data() Member Function

In a previous tip, I discussed techniques for treating a vector object as an array. The two main forms of obtaining the internal array’s address are: &*v.begin(); // obtain address

Uninitialized enum Variables

The value of an uninitialized automatic enum variable is indeterminate. Uninitialized global and static enum variables have a zero value by default. In this regard, enum variables are similar to

The Modulus Operator

The operator % returns the remainder of dividing its two operands. For example: b=10%3; // b equals 1 Don’t confuse the modulus operator with the division operator: c=10/3; // division,