Printing the Contents Displayed in an Applet

Printing the Contents Displayed in an Applet

Step 1: Draw any graphics objects in the applet as shown below:

    public void drawDemo(int w, int h, Graphics2D g2)    {        GeneralPath p = new GeneralPath(GeneralPath.WIND_EVEN_ODD);        p.moveTo(w*.2f, h*.25f);        // adds a cubic curve to the path        p.curveTo(w*.4f, h*.5f, w*.6f, 0.0f, w*.8f, h*.25f);        p.moveTo(w*.2f, h*.6f);        // adds a quad curve to the path        p.quadTo(w*.5f, h*1.0f, w*.8f, h*.6f);        g2.setColor(Color.lightGray);        g2.fill(p);        g2.setColor(;        g2.draw(p);        g2.drawString("curveTo", (int) (w*.2), (int) (h*.25f)-5);        g2.drawString("quadTo", (int) (w*.2), (int) (h*.6f)-5);    }

Call this method in the paint method of the applet.

Step 2: Place a print button and add the following code to it’s listener class:

           PrinterJob printJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();           printJob.setPrintable(this);           if (printJob.printDialog())            {              try               {                printJob.print();              }               catch (Exception ex)              {                ex.printStackTrace();              }           }


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