Display Table Information

Display Table Information

This script displays all your table names&#151along with their column names, data types, data lengths, and null/not null information in a database.

SELECT AS TABLE_NAME, syscolumns.Id, AS COLUMN_NAME, AS DATA_TYPE, syscolumns.length as CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH, sysproperties.[value] AS COLUMN_DESCRIPTION,  syscomments.text asCOLUMN_DEFAULT,syscolumns.isnullable as IS_NULLABLE FROM syscolumnsINNER JOIN systypes    ON syscolumns.xtype = systypes.xtype     LEFT JOIN sysobjects ON =    LEFT OUTER JOIN sysproperties ON    ( sysproperties.smallid = syscolumns.colid     AND =    LEFT OUTER JOIN syscomments ON syscolumns.cdefault =    WHERE IN      (SELECT id FROM SYSOBJECTS WHERE xtype = 'U') AND ( <> 'sysname')    ORDER BY syscolumns.colid
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