Determine Your Network Interfaces and IP Names

Determine Your Network Interfaces and IP Names

Use this to determine the names of your network interfaces and IPs. Of course, it can be used only for machines that have more than one network interface.

import*;import*;import java.util.*;public class NetInterfaces{   public static void main(String argv[]) throws Exception {   Enumeration enumInterfaces=NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces();while(enumInterfaces.hasMoreElements()) { NetworkInterface net=(NetworkInterface)enumInterfaces.nextElement(); System.out.println("NetworkInterface name: "+net.getDisplayName());   Enumeration enumIP=net.getInetAddresses();   while(enumIP.hasMoreElements())          {          InetAddress ip=(InetAddress)enumIP.nextElement();          System.out.println("IP address:"+ip);          }       }   } }


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