Perform Look-Ahead Typing

Perform Look-Ahead Typing

This subroutine lets the user perform look-ahead typing, as in Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other apps. The sub takes an array of strings and a TextBox control as parameters. You can easily change the subroutine to accept a ListBox control instead of an array of strings. You can call this sub from the TextBox’s KeyUp event:

 Public Sub DoLookAhead(strArray() As String, ctlText _	As TextBox)	Dim strText As String	Dim strLength As Integer	Dim x As Integer	strText = LCase$(ctlText.Text)	strLength = Len(strText)	If strLength > 0 Then		For x = LBound(strArray) To UBound(strArray)		If strText = LCase$(Left$(strArray(x), strLength)) _			Then			'we found something			If Len(strArray(x)) > strLength Then				ctlText.Text = ctlText.Text + _					Mid$(strArray(x), strLength + 1)				ctlText.SelStart = strLength				ctlText.SelLength = Len(strArray(x)) - _					strLength			End If			Exit For		End If		Next	End IfEnd Sub


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