Starting an Executable File From Your Application

Starting an Executable File From Your Application

You can use this simple code to start any executable application or any executable files. Suppose you want to start the netscape.exe in your application. You can easily do this by setting String s equal to the path. For example, if the path is “C:program FilesNetscapeCommunicatorProgram
etscape.exe” you can set String s equal to it and execute the application.

 import java.lang.System;import java.lang.Runtime;public class play{    public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception    {        Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime();program         String s = "c:programFilesNetscapeCommunicatorProgram
etscape.exe";                                   r.exec(s);    }}

If you want to use the finger command to get the names of those who have logged in, you can place “finger” in String s and execute the application.

Also, suppose you want to print a file named test.txt located in drive “C:” on a HP machine connected to the System named vinoth. The code would look like this:

 s[] ={"d:\winnt\system32\print.exe","/D:\vinoth\HP","c:\test.txt"}


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