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Language: XML
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 1, 2008

The Easiest and Most Efficient Way to Modify XML Documents

The easiest most and most efficient way to update XML documents is to use non-extractive parsers (such as VTD-XML) because they support incremental content update. Suppose you have the following XML document, named test.xml. Below is a snippet that inserts two attribute name/value pairs into an XML document.

  <tag> hello world </tag>
Now, here's the Java code for doing the attribute insertion:

public class simpleApp2 {
   public static void main(String[] s) throws Exception {
      VTDGen vg = new VTDGen();
      XMLModifier xm = new XMLModifier();
      if (vg.parseFile("test.xml", false)){
             VTDNav vn = vg.getNav();
             xm.insertAttribute(" attr1='val1" attr2='val2'");
The output, named new.xml, is shown below:

 <tag attr1='val1" attr2='val2'> hello world </tag>
Jimmy Zhang
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