Phone Spam Comes to Craigslist

Phone Spam Comes to Craigslist

I think we’ve all come to expect tons of spam when we post anything on Craigslist that includes an email address. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer put even an obfuscated email address in my Craigslist business promotions or even make use of Craiglist’s “hidden” email adress feature. Every ad I run has a link to my video business website, which has my email on it, and real respondents will want to hit my site and check some of my video work samples before they contact me, right?

Recently, though, I decided maybe I could find someone to sell my video service on commission. A lot of media salespeople are out of work here in Florida, and 30% commission ought to attract a good salesperson, right?

And since one of the tests you want to give a salesperson is how agressively they make contact, you want to include both your email address and your phone number, and only consider those applicants who call you by phone, right?

Imagine my surprise when one of the first calls I got after I placed my “help wanted” ad was a recording telling me I could “explode” my sales leads or make lots of extra money. Then imagine me hitting myself in the head as I realized that the annoying call would make great article fodder but I had neglected to record it. I can be a total idiot at times.
Luckily, just as with Craiglist email spam, I got lots more phone spam before long, and I managed to capture one of the messages with my trusty digital recorder before long. Here it is:


I called David Haney at the callback number he gave in his automated spam call, and he told me he lived in Palestine, Texas, and has been marketing the IBuzzPro auto-call software “for about two weeks now myself, but the company has been doing it for four years.”

After we had talked for a few seconds, he asked for my email address so he could send me additional information about how I could use the IBuzzPro software to “explode” my business. I gave it to him, and ended the call almost immediately. I obviously can’t use this software to sell my video service because it would make an awful lot of potential clients very angry. Indeed, the reason I needed to stop talking with David Haney is that I was about to start cursing at him. But I held my tongue, stayed polite, and only called him nasty names to myself, under my breath, after he hung up.

Anyway, here, below the dotted line, is his email to me. Verbatim. I am including Mr. Haney’s phone number and email on purpose. He didn’t respect my privacy, and his entire business is based on not respecting people’s privacy, so why should I respect his?

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]


I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone. I am very excited about the product you are about to see at

This is a very powerful way to set your business up to be able to autodial thousands of phone numbers, and get people ringing your phone off the hook about your service or products. There is no long distance bill to pay, as the IBuzzPro software is actually making all the calls for you. So, this keeps your advertising costs very low, while generating steady leads for your business. You can set the system to call anywhere from five people to well over 100 people per minute during the hours of your choice. The ideal way to build a business is to get people calling you, and not the other way around.

Right now, go to and follow these simple steps:

1. Watch the short video.
2. Enter your name, email, and phone number for access to the info site.
3. Go through the links at the top of the page on the info site.
4. After reviewing the site, give me a call, and we will get any questions you have answered.

Speak with you soon…

Have a Prosperous Day!

David Haney
Direct Line 903-723-8557
Cell Phone 903-388-8334

P.S. If you are interested in marketing this powerful system to others and making some money on the side, or even doing this as a full time business, ask me how, and I will be glad to send you the details.

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