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Microsoft has gained its position as one of the top companies in the world, and Microsoft careers are flourishing. This multinational company is efficiently developing popular software and computers with other consumer electronics. It is a dream come true for so many people to acquire a high paid, high-prestige job at top companies like Microsoft. But there are so many different sectors in such large-scale companies like the I.T. sector, Marketing sector, engineering sector, etc.

So, it is important to learn about those different job sectors if you want to get a job at Microsoft. Moreover, you need to learn about the opportunities and salary benefits of suitable posts.

There are many top-level and highly demanded jobs at Microsoft. The article will discuss several of those jobs as Microsoft careers in brief.

Some Most Demanded Job Posts at Microsoft Are:

1. Highest paying job is the Researcher Position, where the average salary amounts to $150,120 which leads to about $72.17 per hour.

2. Senior Project Manager comes in 2nd position with an average salary amounting to $143,976.

3. Solutions Architect – average salary amounting close to $142,578.

4. Program Manager – the position holders get an average salary of $140,450.

5. Data Scientist – data scientists get an average salary of $138,764.


Microsoft is always looking forward to developing new and improved options for customers, for improving the quality of life of people through Technological advancements. That is why the position demands a lot from the employee and because of the importance, the employees get a significantly high salary amount.

Researchers from any organization come up with new ideas to implement and execute them. Like, smart homes with motion detectors and highly secured security locks, etc are the brainchild of those highly recommended researchers.

The research sector of Microsoft is a vast and demanded sector that comprises three distinct fields – firstly is the combination of all full-time academic research positions, second is research internships, and thirdly is Post-doctoral research positions. Since there are so many research job opportunities, it is a great opportunity for people. For that reason, be sure to keep checking up on those organizations for vacancy notices and also keep gaining relevant skills and work experience in the meantime.

Senior Project Manager

Project Managers are crucial for the successful implementation of any program. They need to maintain deadlines and utilized the skills of top-class employees.

That is why Microsoft employs the best managers who work with highly qualified individuals. Due to that reason, this position gets the second highest salary in the Microsoft paying scale.

For getting this job, you need to acquire at least a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the relevant field, where 10 years is recommended.

Solutions Architect

In summary, the role of this position is related to the creation of the technical vision for some specific solutions correspondingly to that one particular business problem. They design, describe, and ultimately manage the solution to those problems.

Architects are necessary for handling the technical sectors.

Program Manager

The program manager position is diversified into three different positions – Datacenter Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, and Permitting Program Manager.

As a program manager, you will conduct your team for that specific product or phase. Moreover, you will Advocate the product and interact with customers to find their opinion about previous products and present products.

The program manager deals with a certain program. Whereas, a project manager deals with a whole project comprising several programs at one time or at different times.

Data Scientist

In today’s Information technology-based world, a data scientist is one of the most popular and necessary jobs to possess. Because data is crucial in every instance: development, research, business, statistics, etc.

As a software-based business company, it is necessary to analyze data on a grand scale, and for that very reason, data science as a subject and data scientists as employees are sought out.


As Microsoft is a highly popular company in the whole world, understandably the Employee requirements per job are not easy, and one needs to maintain those requirements. Among everything, people focus on two things – experience and skill. And for getting the top careers at Microsoft and similar organizations, it is important to work hard continuously.

Therefore, everyone should try to maintain and develop their skills and also try to gain relevant work experience for securing a high paid job at Microsoft. The jobs mentioned in the article are included in the top Microsoft careers discussion.

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