A new software tool for ADHD, clinically proven to improve quality of care, launches today

A new software tool for ADHD, clinically proven to improve quality of care, launches today

– mehealth??? for ADHD developed in conjunction with Dr Jeff N. Epstein and colleagues at the world-renowned Cincinnati Children’s Hospital- Large randomized trial concludes mehealth??? for ADHD ???significantly improved the quality of ADHD care in community-based pediatric settings???mehealth??? for ADHD, a software tool developed by Dr Jeff N. Epstein and his colleagues at the world-renowned Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Optimal Medicine, launches today.mehealth??? for ADHD is designed to help clinicians provide high quality ADHD care. This is achieved by closer monitoring of patient outcomes, improved communication with parents and teachers, and faster assessments and turnaround times.The authors of a large randomized trial, involving over 700 patient charts, concluded that the product is: ???A quality improvement intervention that ??? significantly improved the quality of ADHD care in community-based pediatric settings.???Survey results included:93 per cent of physicians reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the software96 per cent of physicians reported that they would recommend the software to other physiciansUse of the software significantly improved uptake of American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) recommended care practices, including the collection of parent and teacher rating scales.Other key benefits of the product are that it enables quicker and more accurate billing, and it contributes to American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification (part 4) credits and 20 performance improvement credits, as recognized by the American Medical Association.Dr Janet Munro, Chief Executive Officer at Optimal Medicine, comments: ???As clinicians we understand that practice guidelines are valuable in supporting the best possible clinical care. However, research shows that AAP guidelines, for the care of children with ADHD, are not being applied reliably due to implementation challenges.??? Munro continues: ???Taking this into consideration, mehealth??? for ADHD has been developed and successfully facilitates best practice care for each individual child, by supporting clinicians in the challenges they face with diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.???

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