Concorde Solutions releases new features for its Core Control platform

Latest version of Cloud based platform for collating and presenting critical business intelligence across the entire software estate delivers greater software clarity and controlA series of new features that enhance the existing capabilities of Core Control, the Software Asset Management platform that provides powerful analytics and intelligent rules engine that delivers complete visibility and manageability of software estates, has been released by Concorde Solutions.Core Control is the Cloud based heart of the Concorde Software Asset Management platform, delivering ???real-time??? business critical software information for the enterprise. Configurable dashboards enable complex global organisations to establish governance and reduce cost as well as measure, monitor and manage the performance of their software vendors.This powerful analytics solution collates diverse but related data from across the IT infrastructure such as software usage, license metric, entitlement and contract terms, which is then reconciled against a Rules Engine. This uses advanced vendor logic and algorithms for calculating license positions for a wide variety of metrics, thereby producing meaningful business intelligence.Mark Devereux, CTO, Concorde Solutions, stated: ???We have released these latest features to Core Control to drive the development of our Software Asset Management solution to meet the continued business challenges facing today???s enterprise. Free to existing customers the latest features to the Core Control platform have been designed to bring greater value and functionality to users. Two new areas of functionality: Reconciliation Compare and Alerts which, when combined with Core Control???s existing estate modeling functionality, will deliver a definitive SAM solution for the complexities of tomorrow???s hybrid IT environments.???Reconciliation Compare enables an organisation to take any review historical reconciliations thereby comparing past and current positions and compare the most salient parts across them such as configurations, compliance levels and financial liability. In so doing a business can chart its own progress by comparing trend detail, or even use it for scenario planning.Alerts are the second new feature and provide an automated notification that informs users and stakeholders of changes within software estate that fall outside of their specified tolerance levels. This means that the user no longer has to log into Core Control to check for changes, saving time and creating awareness of compliance risk across the business. ???Being able to map out the entire environment and related services to drill down into the software detail provides not only visibility of compliance but also the power to drive strategic transformation,??? concluded Mark.Core Control features:??? Contract and license reconciliation against physical and virtual environments??? Powerful ???rules Engine??? delivering vendor and product specific Vendor logic??? License upgrade/downgrade logic??? Configurable dashboards??? Dynamic ???Definitive Software Library??? (DSL)??? Centralised software catalogue??? Full business systems integration??? Mapping operational landscape of desktop, network, data centre and Cloud application users??? Support for local languages and currencies??? Reporting to group, sub group, region and cost centre level

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