10 Interesting APIs for Web Development

10 Interesting APIs for Web Development

There are many APIs on the web that are not that popular, but which are very useful when developing a web application. Let’s explore some of them.

REST Countries

REST countries?is a REST API which contains detailed information about world countries. It provides the data about countries, currency and calling codes, official languages, neighboring countries, region and time zones.

REST countries API is free to use and has no rate limit. The only downside is that it is missing country state information.

Country/State API

If you need state information for United States, Canada or Australia, use the following API. It provides the list of countries along with the list of their states.


With Mockaroo API, you will no longer need to manually fill in the forms in order to get the data for web application testing. It allows you to easily create tables containing random data that looks real. Mockaroo supports many different data types – first and last names, SSNs, cities, countries, states, e-mail and IP addresses and even Chinese family names. The data can be provided in many formats ? JSON, SQL, CSV and many more.

Unfortunately, the free version of their API supports only 200 requests per day. However, the paid API limits can go up to 10 million table rows.

Random User Generator

If you need random user account data and you don’t want to spend time configuring Mockaroo, use Random user generator API. Just send a GET request to their API URL and you will get all the information you need to create a random user account: name, location, e-mail, password, username, phone, picture, etc.

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Randomtext?is an easy-to-use lorem ipsum API. There are no usage limits and the API call is a simple GET request with a couple of parameters. This API can also generate Gibberish, which is a random text in English.

Open Weather Map

Open Weather map?is one of the largest and best weather data APIs. Not only does it contain and update current weather information for almost any city on Earth, but it also supports 5 day/3 hour forecast, 16 day/daily forecast, historical data, UV index data and more.

Although the free API version supports 60 requests per minute and 50,000 requests per day, it does not contain all the data. To obtain historical data, UV index data, SSL and a better level of technical support, you will have to use a paid version. The prices start at $40/month.

Vehicle API

Another common set of data is information about vehicles, which is used on many car-related websites. However, it is hard to maintain the list and keep it updated. Fortunately, there is an API to make things easier. Vehicle API?by provides basic car data, such as list of makes, models, years of production, etc. For advanced usage, you can also fetch data about engine and transmission, maintenance schedules and estimated market values.

Vehicle API is free with rate limit of 2 requests per second and 5,000 requests per day. Read more about it here.

When pseudo-randomness is not enough and you need truly random numbers, use API. It can generate random integers, decimals, strings and UUIDs (Universally unique identifiers). API is free and has a daily limit of 1,000 requests. This API is still in beta version.

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Open Exchange Rates

Open exchange rates?is a currency exchange API and can be useful for e-commerce website and financial blogs. It provides currency conversion service, as well as historical currency data. Open exchange rates API offers both free and paid service. Free plan allows up to 1,000 requests per month, with hourly data updates. Paid plans start with $12/month and allow 10,000 requests per month.

Trivia API

Having more than 150,000 trivia questions, Trivia API can be used for various games and quizzes. It is very easy to use, plus it is free and has no rate limit. Try it out here.


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