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Red Hat Expands Containerization Efforts

The open source software company is backing Kubernetes technology and hoping to advance containerization standards.


Red Hat has made two key announcements related to its support for containerization technology. First, it released OpenShift Container Platform 3.3. The update includes Kubernetes 1.3, as well as Docker 1.0. "Today Red Hat is second only to Google in contributions and provides an enterprise distribution of Kubernetes in OpenShift, but Kubernetes is also backed by a strong community of vendors and committers, and by CNCF as the neutral governance body," said Joe Fernandes, director of product management for OpenShift at Red Hat. "While other container orchestration solutions like Swarm, Mesos and others exist, we are happy with our decision and feel that Kubernetes is becoming a de facto standard for container orchestration in the industry."

Second, the company has launched a new project called Open Container Initiative Daemon (OCID). According to Dan Walsh, consulting engineer at Red Hat, OCID is not a replacement for Docker, but is "aimed at exploring new innovations in container runtime, image distribution, storage, signing and more, with an emphasis on driving container standards through the Open Container Initiative (OCI)."

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