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Report: Nearly Half of Enterprises Supply Tablets to Workers

Only 40 percent of firms have a formal BYOD policy.


A new report from researchers at Frost & Sullivan finds that enterprise tablet adoption is increasing. According to the firm, 47 percent of companies supply tablets to their workers, but that number will likely increase to 56 percent by 2016.

Other key findings from the report include the following:

  • 74 percent of organizations issue corporate-owned laptops.
  • 71 percent of organizations issue corporate-owned smartphones.
  • 60 percent of organizations allow employees to connect their personal mobile devices to the company network.
  • Only 40 percent of organizations have a formal BYOD policy.
  • Large enterprises are much more likely than small businesses to have a BYOD policy in place.

As organizations increase their use of mobile devices, that will also likely increase the demand for enterprise mobile development.

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