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Jenkins vs. Hudson Debate Continues in Conference Showdown

Posted by Sean Michael Kerner on Sep 23, 2011
From the 'If You Can't Beat Them, Go Across the Street' files:

Among the contentious open source projects that Oracle inherited from Sun was the Hudson continuous integration server.

The Hudson project was forked into the Jenkins CI project, which has continued to go its own path. Oracle hasn't given up on Hudson though and has moved the project to the Eclipse Foundation to keep the project, open and alive.

At JavaOne 2011 there are at least five sessions that will be talking about Hudson:

ALM Automation with Mylyn and Hudson (25044)

Hudson: Onward and Upward (24563)

The Future of Java Build and Continuous Integration (25302)

Using Hudson for a Lot More Than Just Continuous Integration (21040)

Using Hudson's Development Framework to Build Your First Hudson Plug-in (25010)

There are also at least two sessions specific to Jenkins:

Continuous Integration with Jenkins (25290)

Jenkins Community Meetup (25295)

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