March 18, 1997

VBScript “Replace” Function

Question: I am using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages for a web application I am working on. In the application I must take user input (via an html form) and insert and update records in an Access (soon-to-be SQL Server) table. The problem is that if a user’s input contains a

Disable Print Button on Internet Explorer in frame

Question: I am using frames and would like to disable the Print button on Internet Explorers’ toolbar when a particular document is shown within a frame.I can get it to hide the toolbar from within the “parent” window but not from within a “child” frame. And I cannot get it

How can Windows NT users access NetWare’s file and print resources?

Question: How can my Windows NT users access NetWare’s file andprint resources? Answer: In order for Windows NT users to be able to access NetWare 3.x or 4.xresources, the following needs to be done:a. Log into the Windows NT server as Administrator or equivalent; open thecontrol panel, click and open

Netware Installs

Question: How can I install a second Novell server on my network without having togo through CDs or floppy disks? Answer: If you already have a Novell 4.x server installed on your network, and youneed to install a new 4.x server, you can speed up installation by followingthis procedure.First, jot

How does DNS work?

Question: How does DNS work? Answer: Domain Name Service (DNS) is a service that is contained in the TCP/IP protocolsuite and provides a way of mapping IP addresses to names; for instance, to relies on a Name Server to provide the IP address information when arequest is received. The

How do you Disable the ‘View Source Code’ in IE?

Question: There has got to be a way to disable the ‘view source’ feature of IE. People can freely view passwords or product cost information if it’s included in your source. Answer: Internet Explorer has not exposed the methods/properties required for thistype of control over the interface. The most you

BASE TARGET for all a HREF documents in frame

Question: I want all documents that I open from a child frame to be “target=_top”, but I don’t want to add “Target=” to every HREF tag. Is there a way I can set a base target? Answer: Yup. At the top of the page use:If you use a different target

Direct File System gets full

Question: I am repeatedly getting a ‘Volume Full for Direct File System’ message on my SQLBase Server while I’m loading data to my DBs. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding DFS other than the DFS.NLM and DIRECTFS.NLM modules that Centura provides and requires to be present on the server’s SQL.INI.How

VBScript and Time Control

Question: Is it possible to let the browser automatically turn off when it is left idle for certain period of time using like VBScript and ActiveX? For example, there isn’t any mouse movement on the browser, then after certain period of time, the browser turn it off automatically. Answer: The

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