NetWare and IP

How do I route IP traffic on my Novell server?

In order to take advantage of the TCP/IP networking protocol on your Novell3.x or 4.x server, you first have to load the tcpip.nlm. If you wantto accomplish IP routing, load tcpip with the forward=yes option to enableIP packet forwarding. Let us assume the following scenario:

Two Ethernet segments, (subnets with IP addresses) as follows:

AAA.BBB.CCC.ppp and
First, to enable IP on these interfaces, you will need to type this on yourconsole:
:load tcpip forward=yes
Then, you need to ensure that the LAN drivers are loaded for both the aboveinterfaces with the Ethernet_II frame type. To accomplish this, type:
:load landrv1 slot=N name=landrv_nameframe=Ethernet_II
You would then bind the IP protocol to the LAN driver as follows:
:bind ip to landrv_name addr=AAA.BBB.CCC.pppmask=FF.FF.FF.0
Note: We are assuming a subnet mask of (24 bits)

Please repeat the above for the second IP interface, ensuring that theaddress is the appropriate one (in our example it’s AAA.BBB.DDD.qqq) and thesame 24-bit subnet mask is used.

If you have an additional router at your site that connects you to theoutside world, edit the sys:etcgateways file to addthe following:

net gateway AAA.BBB.CCC.XXX
In the above statement, XXX is the node address of your main router (weassume that it is on the AAA.BBB.CCC segment)

Return to the server console and type:

:load ipconfig

Please note that ipconfig needs be loaded after the IP protocol has beenbound to the LAN driver interfaces.

Your Novell server is now routing IP. You can verify this by loading thetcpcon.nlm at the console. You can also verify connectivity by logging on toa workstation on one of the segments and pinging a node on the other segmentor a remote node (if a WAN scenario exists).

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