April 30, 1997

IMG tag and relative/evaluated location

Question: We have a structure already defined that is now being modified, containing more than 400 pages that include IMG tags. The entire “mess” is being moved to another server/structure

Call waiting

Question: My connection to my server is disrupted when I get a call on call waiting. No one seems to know how to dis-enable my call waiting. Service is provided

Data transfer monitor

Question: I have Internet Explorer 2.1. While downloading, it popped up a box to show my rate of transfer (bps). I have since installed a new hard drive. Once I


Question: Is there a way to stop a background from tiling? Answer: Yes and no. You cannot stop a background graphic from tilling but you canmake it “seem” like it

Browser size determination and tables

Question: Is it possible to determine the size (width and height) of the current user’s browser window? If so, is it then possible to use that pixel dimension and paste

Naming the home page

Question: How can I link my home page to my domain name? My domain name will be “shhspgh.org”. How can I name or link my home page document so that