April 30, 1997

IMG tag and relative/evaluated location

Question: We have a structure already defined that is now being modified, containing more than 400 pages that include IMG tags. The entire “mess” is being moved to another server/structure such that the relative references in the IMG tags will no longer be valid.Is there any way other than (a)

Call waiting

Question: My connection to my server is disrupted when I get a call on call waiting. No one seems to know how to dis-enable my call waiting. Service is provided by Northland Telephone in Cabot, Vermont.Can you help? Answer: Contact your local telephone company and ask if there is acode

Data transfer monitor

Question: I have Internet Explorer 2.1. While downloading, it popped up a box to show my rate of transfer (bps). I have since installed a new hard drive. Once I did, I installed IE 3.0. I now do not have this nice little box anymore. Any ideas on where to


Question: Is there a way to stop a background from tiling? Answer: Yes and no. You cannot stop a background graphic from tilling but you canmake it “seem” like it isn’t by making the graphic large enough so that thetiles are happening “offscreen”.

Browser size determination and tables

Question: Is it possible to determine the size (width and height) of the current user’s browser window? If so, is it then possible to use that pixel dimension and paste it into a table cell’s width or height dimension?(For example, Joe User goes to Big Client’s Web page, with his

Naming the home page

Question: How can I link my home page to my domain name? My domain name will be “shhspgh.org”. How can I name or link my home page document so that when it is sitting on my host server, it will come up on the screen when somebody types in my