IMG tag and relative/evaluated location

IMG tag and relative/evaluated location

We have a structure already defined that is now being modified, containing more than 400 pages that include IMG tags. The entire “mess” is being moved to another server/structure such that the relative references in the IMG tags will no longer be valid.

Is there any way other than (a) editing 400+ individual HTML docs, or (b) writing a script to perform the changes, that allows for the “../../” relative references in the IMG tags to be evaluated with some type of variable a la UNIX scripts? Or is this beyond the scope of basic HTML?

For example, IMG SRC=”../../abc/mygif.gif” &#151 is there any way to have “../../abc/” replaced with a variable entity/expression that can be evaluated in its place, as in:IMG SRC=some_token “mygif.gif”?

You will need to either run a script or use a local editor, such asHomeSite, to edit the path names. A simple search and replace script wouldbe something like this:

#! /bin/csh# Call this file Replace FILE with * for all files, or a partial file name# Replace OLDPATH with the old path name and NEWPATH with# the new path name.# Don't forget to backslash any slashes, so if the OLDPATH is# ../../ you will need to type ../../foreach f (FILE)foreach g ($f/*.html)	cat $g | sed -e 's/OLDPATH/NEWPATH/g' > tmp	mv -f tmp $gendend

Place it in the root directory, and make it executable by typing:

%  chmod +x

and run it by typing:



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