July 22, 1997

Printer Sharing: NetWare

Question: We have a Novell 4.1 network with Windows 95 workstations attached. Some of these Windows 95 stations have printers attached to them. How do we share these printers on the network ? Answer: First, use “pconsole” to create a print server and then the associated printers. Here are the

Frame relay basics

Question: Please describe the basic features of frame relay, and how this technology is best used. Answer: Frame relay is a quickly expanding technology that is helping the internetworking industry leap into the 21st century. It is now being offered by numerous service providers nationwide. In some cases, analysts have

Disconnecting NetWare Users

Question: We have a 250-user NetWare 3.12 installation. How can we effectively terminate inactive workstations? Answer: Here are the parameters that control how long an idle workstation is connected to the file server.Number of Watchdog Packets: 10Limits: 5 to 100Description: The number of times the server will ask an inactive

How to get rid of NetWare 3.12 “not logged in” connections

Question: How can I get rid of the “not logged in” connections in a NetWare 3.12 environment? Answer: In a NetWare 3.12 environment, you can clear the “not-logged-in” workstations by employing the “nliclear.nlm.”There are two parameters you can set with “nliclear.” The first is that you can specify the range