Printer Sharing: NetWare

We have a Novell 4.1 network with Windows 95 workstations attached. Some of these Windows 95 stations have printers attached to them. How do we share these printers on the network ?

First, use “pconsole” to create a print server and then the associated printers. Here are the steps:

  1. Run “pconsole.”
  2. Create a print server.
  3. Create printers under the print server object.
  4. Specify the details for the printer, i.e. printer number, port, etc.
  5. Create and associate print queues to the printer.

On your Windows 95 workstation, run nptr95.exe, which can be found in the sys:publicwin95 directory on your Novell 4.1x server.

On your server’s console, run the “pserver.nlm” and activate the print server you created above.

Your Window 95 attached printers should now be available as NetWare print queues to your network users.

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