August 7, 1997

Handling Erros In The Form_Load Routine

In VB3, the PostMessage API can cancel an error during Form_Load. Theform unloads if you send a WM_CLOSE message to the loaded window in theerror handler of the Form_Load routine.

Support The Full ImageList API In VB4

To draw a selected transparent image in VB4 from an Imagelist control,as you do in C++, follow these steps. The ImageList_ API functions have many features that weren’t passedthrough in

A Fast Way to Change Case

Do you need to convert user input to all upper case in VB3? All the ways I have seen to force user input to all upper case is to make

Quick Test for Weekend

To test whether a date falls on a weekend, you might be inclined to do this: nDay = weekday (sDate)If (nDay = 1) or (nDay = 7) Then ‘It’s a