August 7, 1997

Fast Database Lookups

Visual Basic doesn’t have a procedure like the DLookUp function that Access has. You can use thisprocedure in VB to receive the Name of an object by ID: Public Function

How to Automatically Resize Forms

The ElasticForm subroutine, part of CodeBank’s standard procedurelibrary, automatically repositions and sizes all controls on anSDI form when the user or code resizes the form. To use the routine,simply lay

Enforce Design-Time Size for MDI Forms

Because MDI forms don’t have a border property, the user can drag the borders and distort the size of theMDI form. If the user tries to resize the form, I

A Form-Level DataChanged Property

Ever wished you could use the Save parameter outside of a Validate event? Have you noticed that if abound control is changed and you set DataChanged back to False, Save

More on Null Conversion

This tip has been published more than once on pages of VBPJ(See “99 of the Hottest Tech Tips For VB Developers,”Supplement to the February 1996 issue of VBPJ, page 17).This

Providing Context Menus for Your UI Objects

Much of the ease of use of Windows 95 comes from the fact thatits user interface objects have their own context menus, whichcan be accessed through a simple right-click of

Streamline Your API Declares, Part 2

While we are speaking of SendMessage, there is another trick youmay find interesting enough to include in your programming habits.When used with some particular messages, the lParam argument isreally considered

Remember SWAP?

I was surprised to learn that the SWAP command was not implementedin Visual Basic when I read a letter in the February 1996 issueof VBPJ requesting that Microsoft bring to

A Tale of Three Beeps

Are your programs not executing instructions in VB4 that wereexecuting in VB3? Try this in Qbasic, VB3, and VB4: BEEP: BEEP: BEEP If you F8-step through this very complex code,