January 16, 1998

Is there a PB code profiling utility?

Question: I was wondering whether you could direct me the appropriate product or contact for the following information.I am currently investigating the use of supporting test tools for PowerBuilder. In

Browsing with Netscape

Question: I need a way to find the “netscape.exe” file using VB. Then I want to send them to an Internet address using API. Answer: What if Netscape isn’t installed?

List boxes

Question: How can I put the output of a do-while loop in a list box then delete it for the next run?ex.o=0do (o=o+1)Randomize timerx=rnd( * 6)+1z=x*4Print z to loop Answer:

CD-ROM Detection

Question: How can I find the CD-Rom drive letter(s) from Visual Basic 5.0? Answer: The simplest method is to call the Win32 GetDriveType API against drives C:-Z:.Private Declare Function GetDriveType

removing the sheet toolbars

Question: I am using PB 5.0. I have an MDI application. There is a menu on the MDI frame. I inherited that menu to create a window menu. The window

PowerBuilder source recovery

Question: I have a client with a PowerBuilder application, but no source code. Is there a way to reverse-engineer or recover the source code?? Answer: It is not possible to

Year 2000

Question: Do you have any information on Year 2000 compliance effort for VB4 / VB5 systems? Answer: Visual Basic itself is and has been year 2000 compliant. The built-in Date

Searching Multiple Files

Question: I use VB5 and I’m trying to search through multiple files for a string and open this file in a TextBox. How can I do this? Answer: There really