January 16, 1998

Is there a PB code profiling utility?

Question: I was wondering whether you could direct me the appropriate product or contact for the following information.I am currently investigating the use of supporting test tools for PowerBuilder. In particular, I am interested in a test converage tool or utility. What I mean by this is, a tool that

Solving problems with Distributed PB Apps

Question: I had some problems with distributed applications. I developed a DPB project (both the server and the client). The server has a NVO that connects to a database and retrieves information. It works great but when I want to make more than one client connection at the same time,

Share Data from two primaries

Question: If I try to share data from one primary into the secondary, no problem. The problem occurs when I try to share data from two primaries into one secondary. The second primary datawindow’s data is overwriting the first primary dw’s data, not combining. Please help. Answer: That is the

Changing Password in Oracle 7.3 database from PB

Question: I am creating a “Change Password” screen in PowerBuilder 5.0. The window basically accepts the password entered by the user, verifies it by connecting to the database, then tries to change the password in the database. I tried using the Oracle “ALTER” command in PowerScript but with no success.

Bitmap size in PB toolbar

Question: How can I use a bitmap of 32X32 size for my toolbar icons? Does PB5.0 support this or is it necessary to shrink them to 16X16. Answer: The bitmap size for PB5 is 16 wide and 15 high, a strange size. From what Ive seen of PB6, they have

Web Browser using VB 5

Question: I am currently writing software that will act as client and server software for a small ISP. I waswondering if there is any way to view web pagesusing Visual Basic. Maybe in a Picbox or something. I know that it is possible because I have seen it done before.

Browsing with Netscape

Question: I need a way to find the “netscape.exe” file using VB. Then I want to send them to an Internet address using API. Answer: What if Netscape isn’t installed? Yeah, I know, strange as it may seem, many folks actually use Internet Explorer. :-)Rather than look for a specific

List boxes

Question: How can I put the output of a do-while loop in a list box then delete it for the next run?ex.o=0do (o=o+1)Randomize timerx=rnd( * 6)+1z=x*4Print z to loop Answer: The ListBox control has two methods available that are relevant to your question:AddItem will add a new row to the

CD-ROM Detection

Question: How can I find the CD-Rom drive letter(s) from Visual Basic 5.0? Answer: The simplest method is to call the Win32 GetDriveType API against drives C:-Z:.Private Declare Function GetDriveType Lib “kernel32” Alias “GetDriveTypeA” (ByVal nDrive As String) As Long’ GetDriveType return valuesPrivate Const DRIVE_REMOVABLE = 2Private Const DRIVE_FIXED =

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