April 7, 1999

Data level security

Question: My environment is Win95, PB6.5, and Sybase SQL Server 11.0x. The table consists of entity, center, account, name, dollars, and hours. I need to be able to restrict access

Record Locking using LockEdits

Question: I am developing a multiuser application in Visual Basic 4.0 and wish to restrict users from editing Open or Locked records. Having successfully set up user security access and

Resources on Compatibility Across Browsers

Question: I am involved in a project that requires the client-side embedded scripts to be compatible down to version 3 of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. So far I have

Find() function matching date values

Question: I am trying to use the find function using three char expressions and one date expression. I am using PB 6.5 with Oracle as the database. The following is

DeleteRow(0) in DW

Question: Does DeleteRow(0) delete the current row or the row at the bottom of the datawindow? Answer: It deletes the current row.

How Can I Tell if a Sheet is Open

Question: How can I check if a certain sheet is Open? Answer: PowerBuilder stores a list of all the currently open sheets automatically for you. You can use the GetFirstSheet

Retrieving database table names using SQL

Question: I’m a database administrator for a medium-sized company. I would like to be able to retrieve the names of the tables within the company’s database using SQL so that

Rowscopy function fails

Question: I’m trying just simply to copy rows from one datastore to another. They both have the same Dataobject set. I know that the source datastore has two rows, but

Excel Export Group Data

Question: I used your Excle OLE Automation and it works great! Is there any way to capture subtotals? Excel captures only what is in the primary buffer. When I retrieve