April 7, 1999

DeleteRow(0) in DW

Question: Does DeleteRow(0) delete the current row or the row at the bottom of the datawindow? Answer: It deletes the current row.

How Can I Tell if a Sheet is Open

Question: How can I check if a certain sheet is Open? Answer: PowerBuilder stores a list of all the currently open sheets automatically for you. You can use the GetFirstSheet

Overload New and Delete in a Class

It is possible to override the global operators new and delete for a given class. For example, you can use this technique to override the default behavior of operator new

A Basic Output Stream Wrapper Class

When writing a program, you often need flexibility in where the trace/log output of the program is supposed to go. It could go to standard output, a log file, or

Various Forms of Initializing std::string

Class std::string can be initialized in five forms: by a C-string, by part of a C-string, by another string object, by a sequence of characters, or by part of another