April 8, 1999

Manage big applications

Question: I have a problem with one of my VB applications.This application has 40-50 forms, modules, and reports. My PC is configured with Windows 98, Pentium II 300 MhZ, and

Netscape Navigator Does Not Support createElement

Question: Does Netscape Navigator 4.5 offer a function similar to Internet Explorer’s createElement? I’d like to add an option to a listbox using client scripting. Answer: Netscape Navigator does not

VB – Copying Directories

Question: is there a way I can programmatically copy directories from one drive to another? Answer: The easiest way to do it is by using the File Scripting objects exposed

Week of the Year

Question: How can i find out the week number of the year in Visual Basic? Answer: This is easy to do using the DateDiff function. The DateDiff function can calculate

Popup Menu

Question: I wish to add my application to the popup menu that you get in Windows 95/98. I am referring to the menu that pops up whenever you click on

Registering Apps as services

Question: I am trying to hide my application from the task manager in Windows NT 4.0. I have tried registering the app as a service, but this appears to have

Floating Window

Question: I have an app that has an MDI form (MDIForm1), one MDIChild form (Form1), and one standard form (Form2). I would like to make Form2 a floating one so