April 8, 1999

Slecting the maximum value of a group of records

Question: Let’s say I have a table (table1) with 100 unique ID numbers, each belonging to one of five categories. On another table (table2) I have a whole lot of info for each of these ID numbers. Table2 may have more than one record for each of the ID numbers?each

Manage big applications

Question: I have a problem with one of my VB applications.This application has 40-50 forms, modules, and reports. My PC is configured with Windows 98, Pentium II 300 MhZ, and 128MB of RAM. When I develop and debug my application, I run out of system resources. What’s going on? Answer:

Netscape Navigator Does Not Support createElement

Question: Does Netscape Navigator 4.5 offer a function similar to Internet Explorer’s createElement? I’d like to add an option to a listbox using client scripting. Answer: Netscape Navigator does not have a direct equivalent to IE’s createElement because it doesn’t support the notion of creating elements on the fly. SELECTs

VB – Copying Directories

Question: is there a way I can programmatically copy directories from one drive to another? Answer: The easiest way to do it is by using the File Scripting objects exposed by Microsoft Scripting Runtime (SCRRUN.dll) that shipped with VB6. It can be used from VB5: simply reference it in the

Week of the Year

Question: How can i find out the week number of the year in Visual Basic? Answer: This is easy to do using the DateDiff function. The DateDiff function can calculate the number of time intervals between two different intervals. You can look at the help file for all the constants,

Popup Menu

Question: I wish to add my application to the popup menu that you get in Windows 95/98. I am referring to the menu that pops up whenever you click on the desktop or in Explorer. This menu allows the user to bring up details on a file, send a file

Registering Apps as services

Question: I am trying to hide my application from the task manager in Windows NT 4.0. I have tried registering the app as a service, but this appears to have no effect. Answer: If your application does not display any forms, then you can simply set The App.TaskVisible property to

Floating Window

Question: I have an app that has an MDI form (MDIForm1), one MDIChild form (Form1), and one standard form (Form2). I would like to make Form2 a floating one so it gets minimized and restored together with the MDI form but is always on top of the app. Answer: In

byref variables in ActiveX component events

Question: I am creating an ActiveX DLL and I want to be able to fire events that can be cancelled similiarly to cancelling the Unload event for a form. however, I notice that even though an argument (passed byRef) can be included in the event declaration, there is not an

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